1 Haziran 2010 Salı

The Source


We constantly search for answers. Who are we? What is the meaning of life? We are full of whys, hows and whats. Although it is not meant as an answer, and hopefully this is not the correct answer, below short story presents one of the billion possibilities which we can ultimately face.


This was a total, completely unexpected shock for the whole humanity. After all, humanity stood as an arrogantly proud and exaggeratingly self-confident species of the entire universe for many millennia. Some even believed that the whole universe was created by God for human beings, so that they can make it their playground. Never really questioning these beliefs and always disregarding the oddities which signaled otherwise, humanity’s pride grew stronger every single day. Until today.

The announcement was made. It was clear, simple and everything else was virtually futile.

“… we have been closely watching you grow up” said the Source. “Your species, being highly curious and constantly trying to exceed its limitations, was considered as a high-potential-candidate. However, you have proven to be the opposite of what we thought about you…”

Humanity had its longest, relatively peaceful period between 1945 and 2012. Although there were always some conflicts and small scale wars between these years, there has never been a global conflict. However, in 2012, with the threat of terrorism being in its pinnacle stage, everything went haywire. The whole planet became paranoid and soon after anti-terrorist crusades began. Long-lasting friendships got broken and left their place to unlimited hatred. The whole American, European and African continent, along with the most of the Asian countries started fighting with each other. The size of the destruction was gigantic. 4.7 billion people were slain during the 1-year-war. Within that year, 55% of the whole planet was completely scorched, uninhabitable and unable to support any life. Consequent natural disasters took out another 12% along with 1.1 billion people. Most of the animal and plant life completely disappeared. In 2014, the whole human population got stuck in a heavily wounded planet on the brink of extinction.

Miraculously, human species and the planet did survive. After loosing 80% of its entire population, humanity united for saving themselves from certain extinction. The only positive outcome of the war was the terrific technological advance. Instead of killing, humanity used the new technologies for healing its deep wounds. For 13 years, human beings worked together in a peaceful coexistence.

However, with the first signs of healing and prosperity, old habits resurfaced. Humans’ natural greed and aggressiveness started to take over their will of peace and prosperity. Within a couple of months, human population was divided to 2 major factions. It was noon-time in the continent. The date was October 3rd, 2027. The leaders of the factions pushed the buttons of destruction.

At that specific moment, everything froze; people, plants, animals, the wind, the rain, everything, even the sun itself. In fact, the entire universe froze. On the other hand, all life was still conscious. Everything could still think, hear and understand everything around them, but they could not move. Thus spoke the Source.

“Human race! We intervened to announce you a very important subject” said the Source. “We are the Source, we have been closely watching you grow up. Your species, being highly curious and constantly trying to exceed its limitations, was considered as a high-potential-candidate. However, you have proven to be the opposite of what we thought about you.”

“You must understand this; we are the creators of this universe. We created the matter, we created the stars, we created this planet, we created you and of course time is also our creation. In our eyes, you are very close to the machines you created with an artificial intelligence. Your body, your physical existence is your ‘hardware’. Your soul is your ‘software’. For the sake of understanding, we can say that we froze the time for everything except your minds, your souls.”

“You are now trying to understand our nature and our purpose of intervention. First of all, the real ‘existence’ is totally different in all aspects. You cannot even begin to understand or imagine it. Therefore, we recommend you to disregard this issue. Although you may call our intervention as ‘divine’ by your standards, it is not our intention to save you from what you have done so far. On the contrary, this communication has only informative purposes. “

“The purpose of this communication being said, we would like to emphasize on your current situation before the announcement of the main subject. As we said, you had tremendous potential, which you are almost totally unaware of. Your species’ main focus has always been destruction of opposing factions. Instead of prospering together, you greedily chose to exploit each other. You had the whole universe at your disposal, but you never really got out of your tiny, illusionary existence. You slain yourselves in an unbelievable cruelty and you never united unless it was crucially necessary. Your planet is still heavily wounded as well as yourselves. Yet, you are now starting a new, and your final war.”

“After careful assessment of your actions and due to the fact that this new war will cause your destruction, we believe it is unnecessary to continue supporting your universe anymore. Therefore, we hereby announce you that this universe will be terminated momentarily. Please try to calm down. You will not feel anything. Thank you very much for your understanding.”

All life was silently screaming as loud as possible, trying to find an escape route. However, their efforts were futile. After the announcement, nothing happened for a brief moment. Then the universe ceased to exist.